Thursday, October 25, 2007

Jackie Chan vs Naruto

It's interesting to find the above clips from an artist's blog (, juxtaposing the action of "Jackie Chan" with that of "Naruto", a prominent Japanese animation. One simply can't tell their difference!

Though not many people from my generation admire Jackie Chan but simply no one could argue about his popularity worldwide. At least those Japanese animators, when visualizing the fighting scenes, learnt that they could make reference from Jackie's movies. Someone doubted if it's a pastiche, but I think it's just a kind of intertextuality that happens in our day-to-day creation. After all, designer's database is not infinite and that's why research is playing an increasingly essential role in a design process. In a sense, we could never claim our work as original.

One of my MA classmates tried to allegorize Jackie with McDonald's in last lecture. What a great metaphor! You see him everywhere but you know you'll never love him! I remember when McDonald's first launched its "i'm lovin' it!" campaign, one of my design tutors who specialized in branding strategy was so much annoyed by the slogan. It's such a fake emotion imposed upon the public. That is how advertising works! They are inoculating you with concepts that you didn't buy. After persistent bombarding, you'll soon be anaesthetized and kind of accept what they sell no matter how hypocritical their concept sounds.


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