Saturday, March 1, 2008

The 5th paper this year

I finally came up with the film I want to analyse for the coming paper - The Brave One - with one of my most admired actresses of the day Jodie Foster. Though not many positive reviews were found over this film, it stirred up my mind for quite a while as it's actually justifying, at least trying to, what Amercia has done after the 911 assault. Yet this time my focus will be on its nostalgic sentiments...right, sth that no critics had even mentioned and hopefully I'm not going in a wrong direction for my paper. After all, it's about my persuasion skill, right? Language plays.


Anonymous said...

Hummm...definitely a tough nutshell to crack. I can still recall the aftertaste of the movie when i walked out of the cinema door, it was a sense of disturbance yet with a slight comfort. The ethical question still remains, making one wonders should we take matters into our own hand when law is just not enough to protect us in the dark?

Ling Wong said...

right and it's actually depicting the kind of instability and fear that Americans have been facing since 911. they're sucked up with the desperate fact that they can no longer go back to the olden days, which is only six years ago.