Wednesday, June 11, 2008

a bit of life...

read this on John Chris Jones' designing designing some time ago. as i revisited it today i was touched again.

I'm driving along on the road
and I always have a sense of gratitude that the road continues

it was an amazing moment for me in my life
driving across America for the first time and realizing that

"I kept going"

that no one
that the road didn't stop because people went to have dinner or
it didn't stop because people got tired of digging and hauling
and living for other people

it just continued

and i was able to follow that
just like that old image of the king
being walking down the path that is unrolled for him
by the servants

the amazing thing about life is that
when it functions best
each of us is a king for all the other servants
and each of us is a servant for all the other kings

it's one of the reasons that I've gotton very sensitive
to the thought that the only goal worth pursuing is to

love people very much

and that requests for new ideas
and new ways of thinking
and new things to make
is just part of breathing
part of my biological process
but that
the thing that isn't part of my biological process

which is most human

and the most difficult to ascertain and to attain
is this feeling of being really loved
being in love
by someone else
with someone else

that most old idea
seemingly of being in love
probably is the newest idea
and not an idea at all


samuel said...

HI Ling ...I am working in Polyu now...
Are u still working in Polyu?

From Samuel

Ling Wong said...

yup, still in SD :)
which department are u working in now?

Anonymous said...

HI I am in Block X working in the FHSS nursing department...
find u to have lunch later...haha

Ling Wong said...

nursing department?? u're not in the Product field anymore?