Friday, April 20, 2007


David Smith. (American, 1906-1965). Australia. 1951.
Painted steel on cinder block base

don't know why but all of a sudden, i want to start a blog...
just drop by MoMA's website and find a sculpture by David Smith, which is so much similar to a sketch bull by Pablo Picasso! (it's been my wallpaper for quite a while already)

no wonder why...

"I do not recognize the limits where painting ends and sculpture begins." So said Smith, who, in making Australia, used thin rods and plates of steel—simultaneously delicate and strong—to paint in space. Like a painting, Australia must be seen frontally if its form is to be grasped. It has been identified as an abstraction of a kangaroo, and its lines have that animal's leaping vitality. Though he began his career as a painter, Smith was inspired to make welded metal sculptures in 1930 when he saw those made by Pablo Picasso and Julio González. [extract from MoMA's website]

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