Saturday, November 29, 2008

An Evening with Nick Vujicic

Well for sure it's been a much anticipated event of the month. His story has been around for few years already and i finally got the chance to meet him outside YouTube. What a loss that we couldn't hug him one by one as scheduled. His Hong Kong tour was just a bit too packed. Guess the organizer was making full use of the cost they spent on the event. But judging from Nick's sunshine smile all along, I think he felt complete in this trip. He definitely would not forget this brilliant translator of the night who even made sense of his every single body language which in turn added extra colours to such a formulated seminar. Just not to mention how many times tears had welled up in my eyes, Nick's speech was gorgeous. I've listened to the same content at least more than once online, but the live impact was not at all diminished. He's a true miracle and he creates miracles in others' life. Wish him all the best on the Mainland tour!

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