Tuesday, August 21, 2007






MoonChild said...

Ooo~ thanks for your sharing of some design webs~ i'll browse them if i hv time 6)u(^(as you know there are many new hard words to me >)n(<")
BTW, i'm happy that i can now study both design & art in BU~ haha!
nowadays many designers work with artists so the boundary is blurred! i think it's unfair to both artist and designer if we make such a critique saying that "art is high and design is low" they just both bring great influence into our life our world!
how about andy warhol? what do you think he is high or low? he was using art to package his commercial purpose. is pop art = cheap art? because it makes money?
don't be silly! sometimes i just feel that we can't separate art&design. maybe this critique came out because some artists are jealous. to me, both of them should be respected!

Ling said...

"Art=Design+Art...? The boundaries are not so clear now. I would like to make them much less clear." - Gaetano Pesce, 1988

it probably described your feeling right now:)some of my friends has asked me to post the webs that i found interesting. i always want to as i thought that would be the first step to open our door to design criticism, to be more accurate, sharing.

btw, i really love reading "DesignObserver". it did open my eyes!