Thursday, August 9, 2007



MoonChild said...

i read through most of your article (nearly all) when i come here~
i learn many through your passage
^^ thanks!
i dont know you are that professional before ~haha
plz keep going!

yamaha's friend -> Heung Jie
(it's wt u call me")

Siu Wun said...

hey siu ling , i think we haven't see each other for a half year lar...

Ling said...

Heung Jie!!!
thx for your support ar :)
in fact i'm learning to write ar...hope that i can keep up the spirit!
btw, really glad to know you after yamaha was left. let's go for an exhibition together someday (what we've been planning for so long...hahaa)

Ling said...

dear siu wun...sigh...
right ar, long time no see la...every time when i phone you, you're busy and vice versa la~~~anyway, call me when you feel ok next week or i'll call you ;)

{uLu} said...

Is this a lost and find counter for Wong Ling? Haha~
Good to be close to your life and thoughts again!
I am Carol ar~

Ling said...

my pleasure :)